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Postcard from covering the Chen Guangcheng story

I took a few photographs last week that got lost in the mix of covering the Chen story, and wanted to pass them along ...


Security, after herding reporters away from area where Chen was being treated on Wednesday. 


An unidentified gentleman filming reporters in the designated press area across the street from Chaoyang Hospital on Friday.


Secretary Clinton at press conference at the J.W. Marriott on Friday evening.


The wing of Chaoyang Hospital where Chen was thought to be staying.


Two of three in U.S. diplomatic visit to Chaoyang Hospital on Thursday (Robert Wang, deputy chief of mission for the U.S. embassy, was standing outside the frame of this shot). They didn't get in, but American officials said that representatives were able to meet with Chen the following day.

Again, the scene on Wednesday.


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I’m a long tern follower of your blog. However, I couldn’t use the “send a story ”button on you front page today.

This letter is my the urgent concern about Chenguangcheng.

I have been studying the corruption between Chinese medical system and judicious system. It has been common for this two system co-op to make up some cases in order to fight with state enemies or just for monetary reasons. For instance, they made a case to put a female lawyer named WangYu into jail because she complained that she was beating by a railway guard to his boss. It’s common for Chinese doctors to kill any unwanted patient or any mistreated patient without any punishment. Perfessor Xiongzhuowei (熊卓为)was killed in her own hospital by her classmate’s husband, a surgery. A mom to be lady named Li Liyun(李丽云) was killed by the expert in Chaoyang Hospital where Chenguangcehng attending now was killed on purpose because some doctor mistreated her at the beginning and caused some sever damage to her health. This case was wrongly reported by most reporters, a famous journalist named Chaihuiqun(柴会群) got quite a lot complain from all the aspects for reporting this story right and detailed. None of the above devil doctor got any punishment.

Chaoyang hospital has been famous for its expert of treating disease related to breathy system. Who chose this hospital for Chen? He could catch some contagious disease easily because his health wasn’t sound. After catching some various, doctors could send him to emergency room and he could die soon. Is this story going to be sound perfect for Chinese Government? By kill him this way, it would be the best for Chinese Government.

It’s dangerous for him. Please do aware of my concern.

Dick Cornell

Thanks for posting Tom. Am in Beijing at MOE Hotel about to depart for points west to visit Braille Without Borders school in Lhasa. It's nice to get the news as you see it, especially while I'm here! ^_^

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