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Whither China? A conversation.

I came across this video yesterday via a blog item at the Atlantic about Eric X. Li, a man who founded a Shanghai venture capital firm and, more notably, is a fierce proponent of the Chinese Communist Party. Most recently, Li penned an opinion piece at The New York Times titled "Why China's Political Model is Superior."

The video, a conversation he had last summer, is an interesting look at his arguments and thoughts along those lines:


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Stuck in Harmony

Whoah, wait a minute Mr. Li! In your essay, you just pointed to an event disavowed by your beloved Party! How's that? June 4th never happened, right? Tell me which reality you are living in at this moment so that I might better understand your arguments! I need a scorecard to know what dimension of the universe the CCP wants us to believe this week.


I'm still watching, but there's something to be said about Ai Weiwei's arrest. Ai Weiwei was generally careful not to criticize the government, but to criticize the state of things in China.
If criticizing corrupt construction practices is tantamount to criticizing the government, there is a tacit admission by the government that controlling construction is a legitimate duty of the state.
In contrast, if a Chinese person complains about the weather Dalian, or the dearth of good music on Washington DC radio, the state does not bring the hammer down because the state considers both outside the purview of the CCP.


Those who were educated in China never realized how important fundamental human rights and fare justice system was,especially those who climbed to the top of social ladder.Regime is part of elements that made their success.

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