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The Chinese are invading Idaho! (Ok, not really. But things are getting interesting in the U.S.)

Reuters has a story looking at the upcoming U.S. presidential elections and the extent to which fears about China may play a part in the campaign:

"Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's threat to get tough with China about its trade practices increases the odds that China-bashing will permeate a presidential contest to woo U.S. voters seeking a culprit for the nation's economic malaise."

All of which reminds me of Idaho.

My McClatchy colleague Rocky Barker, a reporter at the Idaho Statesman, visited China last June to follow Idaho Gov. Butch Otter on a trade mission.  In a preview of the trip, Barker wrote the following:

" 'The Chinese are looking for a beachhead in the United States,' said Idaho Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich. Idaho is ready to give them one."

The delegation from Idaho came and went, and all seemed well. That December, Barker wrote, "A Chinese national company is interested in developing a 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone for industry, retail centers and homes south of the Boise Airport."

Gov. Otter had gone to China looking for investment, and it seemed that investment was coming. Again, all seemed well.

Enter: The John Birch Society. A magazine published by the group ran a column this May that defined the company involved in the development proposal thusly: "a commercial-political-military-intelligence instrument of the communist regime in Beijing."

Referring to the quote by Dietrich, the columnist wrote that, "As Idaho’s chief promoter of commerce, Dietrich surely could not have intended to convey a willingness to provide a hostile foreign power with an invitation for a military invasion."

The issue gained momentum on the conservative blogosphere. The headline that followed in the Idaho Statesman said it all: "Bloggers fear a Chinese takeover of Idaho. State officials say the investments will be a boon and pose no danger."

Again, from Barker: "Don Dietrich doesn’t overreact when he gets emails calling him a traitor or a dupe opening the way for an invasion of Idaho by Chinese Communists. 'Given what they’re reading, they are rightfully concerned,'said Dietrich, director of the Idaho Department of Commerce. 'But what they are reading is in some cases nonsense.' "

I think it's a good guess that we'll see more of this as the election season draws closer in the States. 



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David Lloyd-Jones

I can just see what will happen once the Chinese get a foothold in America: in no time at all they'll be building railroads all over the country so they can move at will from east to west, from west to east, putting up feeding stations in every little town where they get to convert Americans to their evil ways of eating.

Next thing you know they'll install computers in every American household so they can keep tabs on us.

In no time at all they'll have Chinese language classes in our schools, and they'll probably make mathematics compulsory so we have to add, subtract, multiply and divide the same way they do.

Where will it all end?


Once China opens a beachhead in the USA they will come as vermin by the thousands or better ten of thousands or even better thousands of thousands.Never trust a chinese further than you can see him.Specially a communist chinese that all they want is the destruction of the democratic government all over the world.It is communism first and foremost goal to destroy democracy and impose communist totalitarian rule all over the world.Thank Our Lord,Islam has the same idea and hopefully these two ideologies will kill each other.Hurrah for Jesus.

Woodland Hills Insurance Attorney

Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet.


this should not be a surprised since major economic activities today are anchored in China. just look on the debt of US, China is the major lender of US. hmmp.interesting right?


lollll...I howled when I read this story. Why? The "John Birch Society" is like a source of fertilizer for the Tea Party and even the Republicans.

Those groups use the cheap labor in China for profit - AND to attack unions, the minimum wage, and anything else (like the EPA) in America that is designed to ensure that the American people can have decent lives.

So this story? A new version of "NIMBY": "We want to use you against our own people, but we don't want you here!".

Sompone Sakdy

A lot of people said that China shows power of military advance and fear that some day we will fight them. They are not realized that is just the final stage of threat.China will win the war without fighting The Trojan Horse of China already had began sending since Nixon; now it peak out as a form of Tea Party trying to destroy this country union bargaining right any way possible hoping someday China will be able to produce the car without union in USA. Right or wrong we only wait and we'll see.

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The Chinese are looking for a beachhead in the United States,' said Idaho Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich. The story is wonderful.

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