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November 11, 2010


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God bless anyone!


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Because other people happy and smile, is happy.

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Um...like the style of your writing.*_*

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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

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Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.

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(_)Until I can round up a travel agent along with the funds in our discretionary account to set out for the tropics once more, I'm sipping "Simply Orange" brand orange juice that is mixed with mango! +_+

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I think, enjoyment is not definited gauge. If you think you're satisfied, it really is accurate, you are happy guy. Private pleasure is not determined by others. When you like, insipid and serenity of less-stressed contemplative lives also are joy. This is my own, personal view and I think as long as we now have a good feeling, therefore our life should be a lot better than before.

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My friend had a thought. "Watch this," she said to me, and she stopped a couple of female students who were in line to ask why they were voting. They all said that they knew people who were running or felt that the positions at stake were important.

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Finally the truth is told .... Ladies you are both truly inspiring and so amazingly brave and selfless....

With such amazing examples as yourselves in our transient foreign community here in Tokyo, I'm positive your honest words and heart-wrenching images will surely awaken every soul to do what they possibly can to help - today, tomorrow and for as long as it takes....

Bless you both for making a difference.......

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To understand why the arab spring took place now you must read this article:


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There are plenty of examples of companies buying up patents and burrying them so as to keep selling the more profitable technology even if the patent is a better one. We have lived in the age of Built in Obsolesence for many years as well!

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ords and heart-wrenching images will surely awaken every soul to do what they possibly can to help - today, tomorrow and for as long as it ta

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Hello, this can be a quite good weblog. Though i don??´┐ąt comprehend every thing of what your saying, i nonetheless enjoyed reading it. Hopefully you'll write a thing much more on this topic inside the future?

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