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October 06, 2007


VS in ND

As if the 'urfa marriage' isn't bad enough, now it has descended to this???

The only women that this is a functional system for is older, mature, divorced or widowed women who don't want or need a husband. The key word here is 'mature.'

Unfortunately, it ends up to be mostly just a license for men to mislead, use and abuse, and then dump naive young women who think it is "love" when it is only lust. And the young women are the losers... always... left as used goods if not with an illegitimate child which damns her and the child for life. In an ultra-conservative rural family, she could even end up dead.


hollister uk

I read this article, I really wish I could have spoken with the author directly.

abercrombie uk

was not there, but i believe the enemy was using civilian houses to fire at US troops. So, they took the buildings out. If AQ/T-ban KNOW we will not fire, this will get worse. It may be a good idea to call off an air-strike, but i'll be damned if I would let them walk. The use of SDB's should lessen Civ. cas., but it will NOT stop the T-ban from "hugging" civilians. Why not use those 2,000lb JDAM's in P-stan, where THEY

Read more: http://washingtonbureau.typepad.com/nationalsecurity/2009/06/what-happened-in-farah-province.html#ixzz0uDB8DEpo

Abercrombie outlet

As you stated, it's clear that many people were misleading some people, and from the very beginning.


Awesome coverage!

Coach Poppy

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