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Joyce/Lee Berndt

Congrats to all of you for accompolishing your goal.
We will be thinking of you about noon on Tuesday. And thank you Bill for all the wonderful travelogues you provided. I will miss my nightly connection with you.
Joyce and Lee Berndt

Ron Anderson

Great philosophy from Dr. Dave. Proves that recumbant drivers have time to think. Have enjoyed each and every one of your blogs, Bill. Wish I could be at the finish to welcome you home; but, congratulations on completion of a super effort. You have inspired me to start doing more laps around my recliner chair each day.

Your ol' bud,

Nina Rynearson

Hi, Bill!
I really wanted to meet and greet your wonderful bunch in the city today but alas, my work is taking me in the Virginia direction instead of the city. Scott and I have really enjoyed your travelogue and hate to see it end. Good job and welcome home. See you soon somewhere on the trail. Nina Rynearson

Account Deleted

Read to exercise the brain.
Surround yourself with friends.


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