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"It will have been a great run."

And we have enjoyed being there along side you. Thank you so (no, SO) much. I'm the dummy who thought that I would stop into internet cafes on my way from Boston to Denver x-USA last summer. Who knew that this Why-Fie thingie had killed all of them off? Not a one to be found. Thanks God for public libraries. Sometimes it made the riding look easy in comparison. Godspeed the rest of your way. See you someday with a buggy grin on my face.

Mark Ballock

Hi Bill;

After following you through the entire ride I must congradulate you on your perserverence to complete it. Thanks for all the wonderful blogs along the way. It was a facinating experience to read your adventure, and I really enjoyed your last blog with more details of the trip. I hope all goes well for the last couple of days for the group.. I have a mental picture of your group in front of the Lincoln Memorial for the photo shoot. I was there last April for a visit.

Best wishes for on your last two day's.

Mark Ballock


Have had a great time following you on your trip. I rode self contained cross country the summer of 2000. Your story has once again shown it's not just the destination but the remarkable journey along the way. Congrats.

JIm Rudnicki

Bill. I have awaited every post with baited breath. Now, what will I do for the rest of the summer!

A grand adventure. Your writing has been a joy.

My trusty Virginia and I are creating fine adventures too.

Congrats all around.


John Fleckner

Many thanks, once again, for this entertaining and inspiring and instructive blog. You have whetted my appetite for the trans-America ride I plan to take in two years. You also have injected a healthy dose of reality into the plan. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share it all with us.

Rich Thomas

Speachless with admiration

Bob & Carolyn Cochran

We (the proud relatives of Pete Strause) are in awe of the whole bunch of you! You people rock!, and have accomplished a feat that most of us wouldn't even dream of attempting!

Account Deleted


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