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Linsay Wilder

Happy 27th birthday to tour director Ryan Kaplan! Love, his fiance Linsay

Mark Ballock

Hi Bill;
Relay to Martin a Big Happy Birthday from a blog follower from California. He is truly blessed with good health, and an adventuresome spirtit at 73.

Happy Birthday Martin!!!

Mark Ballock

Jon Eden

Best of Birthday wishes to Martin. Both of you are an inspiration to all of us. You make it obvious that the 'life is over at 50' (or was it 40?) viewpoint doesn't hold true.
I've enjoyed reading your adventure immensely. Hang in there to reach your goal!

Jorge Jimenez

Happy Birthday to Martin!

Bill, I want to say that I've just recently picked up cycling as a way to lose some weight and get in shape.

The recount of your trip together with your fellow riders is a true inspiration. I've of course never been on a ride such as this but I am for now living it through you and it is great. I admire your determination, your love of live and of this great country.


Rich Thomas

The tour seems to have exploded with steep hills, hormones, violence, bosky trails through idyllic landscapes, profound heat and human interest stories since you debouched from the barren Black Hills into Lake Woebegone country, organo veggie land, dairy land, the Capone detour, and Ohio's pancake farm land. Oh the wild wild Midwest!
Hills: Anyone climbing 14 degree hills in a recumbant bicycle needs to stop at the nearest Hospital to be examined for a case of the Simples.
Hormones: We now know that Floyd wasn't joking when he claimed touring by cycle inflamed the glands. Hillary and another bike bird become so stokedthat love erupts somewhere in the Dakotas! Bill Cook, exploding with ol' Dr. Testosterone, 'eaps from his bike, boards the van for a dash to Madison and his wife Ann's awaiting arms!
Violence: Two dog attacks, and one's bite proves worse than Bill's barnk. Another terrible car-biker crash--but this one ends, miraculously, with lives bruised but intact!
Bosky Vales: A glimpse of organo paradise from the squeeking saddle, another of cow- dairy nirvana, complete with talking cows, a cruise through the cornfields, the stalks doubtless creaking in their growth more loudly than Bill's derailleur!
Human interest: the retired journalist turns in half a dozen brilliant thumb nail sketches of parents and kids, twins, and a septgenarians' movable celebration of his 73rd, courtesy of deft long distance devotion from his kids! The personae of the trip have now become dramatis.
Bill: don't stop. Turn back west as you near Maryland. Go for the West Coast. To us armchair spectators, your tour is just getting interesting. Another month and a half, and you will have a document rivaling the Anabasis. Xenophon, Shmenophon! Literary immortality beckons!

Catherine Noble

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Martin! The whole family is so very proud of him and privileged to be related! We are inspired and awestruck at his determination and gusto. Thanks to Bill for the very gracious words about Uncle Martin and for relating the whole experience to the rest of us so we could be a part.

Catherine Noble, proud niece

Brian Berndt

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Martin from us Rednecks down here in Kentucky. We look forward to seeing you at Reunion 2008!

Brian, Wanda, Nicholas and Madison Berndt

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