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Sharon Ginsburg Lesgold

Congratulations, everyone. I know it's been hard, but you've perservered. Good luck in recovery.

Sharon (Rachel's sister, from Pittsburgh)

Adriaan Verspoor

We have been reading your blog almost every day. What a wonderful way of sharing this unique experience with us.

And congratulations with your safe return home. We are looking forward to seeing you once we are back



Simply incredible. Congrats to everyone in the group. Following this has been true inspiration!

Ed McGovern

Wow - truly an accomplishment. Congratulations

Ron Anderson

Congratulations to all. A unique way to achieve a goal and make a dream come true. Now, all us less athletic readers are eagerly awaiting the wrap-up blog as soon as the saddle sores are healed.

Ron & Bonnie

Kim & Charlie

We've really enjoyed reading your daily blog. Your site was my home page for the trip's duration. Congratulations on this terrific journey and we look forward to seeing you on a local ride to hear all the stories that weren't fit to print :-).

Rob Thomson


Thank you for your detailed accounts. I am currently half way through a 9 month ride from Japan to England via central Asia, on my HPVelotechnik Street Machine recumbent bicycle. Your blog has made me itchy to ride in the States! I will be sure to look you up should I make it your way!


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