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Joyce/Lee Berndt

I posted a comment early in the ride, but when talking to brother in law, Martin Berndt, he said it apparently didn't make it through. First of all we are thoroughly enjoying your writings of the days events. We have traveled most of the routes thus far as we lived in Seattle and then eventually moved to KY and drove them again. Soon you will be in New Ulm and be close to a town we once lived in MN. by the name of Mountain Lake.
Safe travel to all
Joyce and Lee Berndt

Diana Wightman

I, too, am thoroughly enjoying the account of your adventure. I am a "bike-journal junkie", having never ventured on such a trip, but I've been across America many times through the stories of others. Thanks for allowing us to dream through your words!

And someday.......!

Diana Wightman
Newark, OH

Hope the weather cools off for you soon.. though, it's not much better here in Ohio right now....

Adriaan Verspoor


We just got a postcard from Ann (how old fashioned can you get) with your blog details. Instead of working I spent a couple of hours reading them from the beginning. Fascinating. More interesting than the Tour-de-France which I aim trying to follow from our summer residence in France.

keep it and keep on blogging! Best also from Antoinette

Adriaan Verspoor

kim willenson

The good news is, you've still got halfway to go. It sounds about as good as Huck Finn's trip down the Mississippi.

The bad news is that you're riding toward a place that's even hotter than where you've been.

Look forward to seeing you


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