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Ron Anderson

Well, about time you made another appearance. I was getting a bit worried that you had tangled with a band of Yankton Lakota on your way out of Huron and were being held hostage. Had you swung south about 30 miles out of Huron you would have been in my birth country around Mitchell, the fabled Corn Palace City. In New Ulm you are about the same distance from a whole pod of cousins in and around Worthington. Two of Mom's sisters married brothers up there and each produced about six kids to the farm population. Enjoyed the piece about Amy and the birds.
Keep on Truckin'.

Rich Thomas

Bill: Your account of your ordeal sweating across the blazing Dakota bad lands makes delightful summer entertainment on screen in a room refrigerated to 74 suitably dehumidified degrees while looking out into a hundred shades of green in Sigrid's beautiful garden. It's 97 outside as I write. But I would never know that except for the thermometer as the sweetly cooled air laves my forearms and titilates my nostrils.
The Dakotas in mid summer are suitable only for wheat growers in their air conditioned harvesters and prairie dogs in their naturally cooled holes. Any fool gladly undertaking a bike ride--and one who was born and raised in the Dakota's to boot--must consider checking himself into the next asylum to be examined for a case of the simples. Or terminal masochism.
Ahem. I've refrained from daily commentary on your diary because I assume you are too exhausted to read anything when you wobble in each night anyhow. I've also refrained because, despite this note, I am speechless in admiration of your moxie. Rich

you got a whiff of what Edna FerberHead north for goodness sake to Paul Bunyon country. Babe the Ox

Rich /Carol Scearce

Bill, We continue to follow your journey across America. We find your blog so informative. Had dinner with Ben and Diana
Sunday night and Diana is looking ver-ry
pregnant. We wish you the best with
visions of D.C. in the distance.
Rich and Carol


Most young people believe that dolphin sounds with music is for old hippies but I find things like whales singing or dawn chorus spiritually refreshing.

Account Deleted


Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.
You are really something.

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