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mike stern

Bill: Great reading about your adventures. We live vicariously through you. I just finished the cross Wisconsin ride which pales in comparison. But, it still shares the great feeling of "all I have to do today is get up and cycle." And, I noticed, that despite your favorite color being red, you chose the Yellow color for the bike. Yellow is the fastest color!


george thabault

Dear Mr Cook -- thank you for making the effort to relay key points of your trip. Please say hi to Judith and Lindsay of Vermont and wish them the best. Certain bicyclists here in Vermont are jealous of their adventure but are getting inspiration each day for their own x-c journey someday. Garfield the cat has a mantra worth repeating on a cycling trip: "PIE IS GOOD." Enjoy each slice!

George & Candelin & Drew & Jamie in Colchester, Vermont (just 93 today here)

Account Deleted

Do all these things and you will be a happier, healthier person!
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Celebrate all special occasions.


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