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November 28, 2009



Thank you for reporting on Iraq. I appreciate real journalism.

Sam Dobermann

Please convey to the Iraqis my respect and admiration. They are true patriots and heros. I pray for Abadi.

I have stopped following for a while. I feel so much pain for the extraordinary Iraqi people. They have lost so much and so many.

Journalists, those who really put themselves out there help people like me see. Thank you.

Virginia Dickson

Hi- I am curious to learn more about the private group that works to defend press freedoms in Iraq which is referenced in this blog post.

I am working on my undergrad senior thesis about the state for freedom of the press in Iraq, and I would be very interested to learn more about this group.

Please email me at vleedickson@gmail.com if you are able to share any information about this group.

Thank you!

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