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August 03, 2009


Thomas Barton

Thanks for an honest and thoughtful article. Had you been in charge of the Occupation, things might have been different. But had you and other Vietnam Veterans who learned the painful lessons of that war been in charge, the stupid attack on Iraq would never have happened in the first place.

As in Vietnam, the troops pay the price, and the politicians escape the consequences of their idiocy.

Susan - NC

The US troops paid a price, but it is a minuscule price compared to the price the Iraqi people paid.

Gold Coins

I had a great time reading around your post as I read it extensively. I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

Mike Tharp

Thanks so much, Gold Coins--that's a highly encouraging comment.

McClatchy sends us to Iraq on six-week tours, and I've done two, this year and last. When I'm there, living and moving around and meeting folks, I feel somewhat qualfied to write about what I see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Now that I'm back in Central California, as executive editor of the Merced Sun-Star, I doubt whether my views on what's happening in Iraq would be nearly as accurate as when I was there. Please feel free to check out our newspaper's Web site, www.mercedsunstar.com, where I write a weekly column, plus it has my dispatches and blogs from Iraq over the past two years. If McClatchy decides to send me back to Baghdad, or to Afghanistan (where I've never been), then I feel my impressions would be more credible. In any case, Gold Coins, I thank you for reading and for your encouragement. Best regards, Mike (Buck) Tharp


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Mike Tharp

Thanks a lot, Hydroponics, for taking the time and thought to read our McClatchy Web site and for your encouraging words. As you can see from the consistently high quality of reporting and writing on the McClatchyDC Web site, we are able to draw on the talents of many fine correspondents, especially our four Iraqi reporters in Baghdad.

Best regards,

Mike Tharp

Executive Editor

Merced Sun-Star

UNLV Dating

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Mike Tharp

Youre kind to comment so generously, UNLV Dating--much obliged.

Be sure to check out the contemporary blogs of Warren Strobel, a McClatchy D.C.-based correspondent now in Iraq; hes really sharp.


Mike Tharp

Executive Editor

Merced Sun-Star

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