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June 24, 2009





Excellent write, Buck.


embedding? last time i checked, freedom of speech-in america-is a right granted by america to americans within america. reporters have no "rights" to a battlefield in a foreign country and no business on a battlefield. how exactly can a story about a couple of idiot soldiers killing their selves with a bad batch of moonshine in a combat zone be construed as news? it's trash, and it's indicative of the "quality" of reporters that slink around these days, badmouthing anyone they can for a quick buck. no one outside of your profession respects you. no soldier with any respect for himself or his country would give you the time of day. to include your "name-drop" friends. these people only talk to you because they were ordered to accomodate you and they don't want you to slander them publicly. giving reporters access to combat zones and military operations was the worst idea our misled congress ever contrived. coming in at a close second is the media-fed myth that an "educated populace" can make informed decisions about a war from the comfort of their living rooms. the scope of your personal responsibility ends with your pocketbook. the scope of a soldier's personal responsibility is unquantifiable. get a real job. we don't want you in Afghanistan.

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