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May 07, 2009


Thomas F Barton

When writing about insurgents, Reuters incessently uses the term "gunman" or "gunmen," a left-over from writing about Northern Ireland years ago.

Are there no female insurgents?

Many stories write about corruption in government. Where do the corrupt keep their money? Do they go to the friendly neighborhood bank and despoit it? Keep it buried in the back yeard? Fly to Amman or Damascus with it in suitcases?

Thomas F Barton

Here's one more.

What about mail?

Do people go to a post office to buy stamps? Are their mailboxes for depositing letters? Are there post office workers who go from door to door delivering mail? How good is the service? Can letters be mailed to different cities, like Mosul, Irbil? Rural areas? Does it get there? How?

Can letters be addressed in either Arabic or Roman alphabet?

Do the Kurds have their own stamps? Or does everybody in Iraq use the same stamps?

Are their shops for stamp collectors?

Corinne Reilly

The short answer is that there really is no mail system here and very few people use credit or banks.
But I'll pass your question on to the staff to see what they'd like to say about it.


I would like to know more about the educational system, from preschool to university. Who pays, how much, how many kids are going, how does it compare to pre-occupation and pre-sanctions eras, and what the requirement for teachers and salaries are. Is there trouble getting textbooks, supplies, computers?

And I would like to know more about the homeless population and how they are doing.

thanks for all you do


Everything. Everything interests me. With Susan, I too, would like to know more about how IDF and homeless people are doing, and about the ed. systems. I also appreciate hearing about everyday life, social events, how folks manage to get things done with the electricity problems...just...everything. (And thanks for all you do, dear Iraqi writers.)


More infomation, written by Iraqis, on the refugees both in Iraq and in surrounding countries.


One of the most interesting experiments on the web a few years ago was hometownbagdad -> http://www.hometownbaghdad.com/

The video journals exposed ordinary Iraqi life to us; SO anything which could be said that explains Iraqi life in a similar human context there would be quite useful.

Doing that, others can see the common thread that forms us within your lives.

Account Deleted

I can't believe my eyes.

How did you manage to do that.



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