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April 08, 2009


mark gill

wish i was more hopeful that Iraq will not dissolve into civil war when the US leaves.........

nation building is a hard row to hoe..........

your thoughts on this?


I think, given half of a fair chance, that Iraqis can fix their country too.... but they need to have the occupiers gone.


This article about Iraqis is very true. I am a Kurdish/American living in Nashville and since going back to Iraq, I have found this out. I have lived in America since 1992, and went back to Iraq for the first time last summer. I was amazed to see all of the talent and skills my people possess. The country itself is very beautiful and rich in resources. The problem is that all the resources are in the wrong hands. I spent 45 days there and soon found out how much I appreciated clean running water and electricity. Not having electricity for almost half of the day is something no one should have to go thru, especially in such a climate where dehydration and and illnesses are very common. If there is any one out in the world that wants to see this country succeed, then fixing the water and electricity of the growing country would be the first step. NOT TRYING TO FIX THE GOVERNMENT!!! Help the people, and in turn the people will have the resources that they need to help rebuild the country. I stand behind my country and Kurdish culture 100% and will do anything in my power to help in the process. I hope those who read this blog will understand where i am coming from and want the best for the people of Iraq as much as I do....

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