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November 04, 2008


R J Adams

All agree the Americans only care about themselves, and have little concern for the Iraqi people. The sad part is it's true. Proof of that is how Iraq fell off the US radar, and was no longer an election issue, as soon as the Dow started to sink.


I don't agree with you RJ. Iraq fell off the mainstream media, but it was still a matter of much discussion and interest on the internet. I believe it was Juan Cole who pointed out that the issue of Iraq was of importance to 70% of likely voters, per a recent poll. There appears to be not only a difference, but a disconnect, between what conventional media attends to and what the public is interested in.

It is my hope that we will see a change in this country that is deeper than just a change in administrations. For truly, presidents come and go, but the people, together, must participate, advocate and maybe even agitate for change, if we are to repair our nation and the evil we have done.


I dont agree with the thoughts of Iraqis at all. If America didnt care about Iraq, then we wouldnt keep sending our fathers, sons, brothers and husbands to your country to risk their lives for the better of your country. America has lost thousands of soldiers to make your country a better place, while leaving our country to mourn the losses.


Miranda is just so wrong it is heartbreaking. The Bush administration may pay lip service the needs of Iraq but if a few hundred thousand Iraqis died while Bush was in charge then so be it.

Bush sent people over to kill and die because he would not admit that he made a colossal error. His excuses for staying in Iraq never quite explained how either Iraq or the USA benefited from the occupation. Fighting Al Qaeda was silly since the USA created it in Iraq where it did not exist prior to the invasion.

Cheney made the decisions about staying in so that he could reward his cronies with massive, profitable contracts while sinking the USA into gargantuan debt so as to stop any American citizens from benefiting from America's wealth unless they were already wealthy.


yes, Miranda is wrong.

bush sent troops to Iraq to secure the WMDs that any one with any sense at all knew did not exist. It was just an excuse.

And staying there for 'freedom & democracy' is beyond stupid. bush brought Iraqis the freedom of the grave and the democracy of death.

bush does not care about US troops either.

He went there to control the resources and area and make a bunch of money. Mission accomplished.

It is heartbreaking, or maddening, that so many Americans are so clueless.


my nephews re-deployment to IRAQ was canceled, the day after baraq obama was elected so... mabie things are already changing. god willing we will see an end to this horrible conflict soon.


bush went to iraq to secure oil reserves for this country so they wouldnt go to thte highest bidder i.e. the chineese... oh yeah susan there are alot of americans who know what is going on and who do care .


It is unfortunate that many people share this view that Americans don’t care about the people of Iraq. There are any of us who do care. I am one. I am a Soldier of the US Army who has served in Iraq and will return in the near future. While in Iraq, the units I served in helped many Iraqis who were neglected by the policies of Saddam Hussein. For example, we provided medical care to a small village that Saddam’s government did not supply with medical supplies since their leaders didn’t fully support the Baath party. We also helped rebuild clinic, schools, and roads damaged by years of neglect. Unfortunately, innocent civilians were also harmed either accidently by our actions or by the actions of those attacking us. The only consolation is that we removed a dictator and supporting regime that intentionally killed hundreds of thousands (if not millions) who opposed his rule.

Like many others, I do not enjoy leaving my family to serve my country in areas of conflict. However, I believe that we must do everything we can to help stabilize Iraq for the people of Iraq. This includes providing training and assistance to the Iraqi military and police so that they are able to maintain security when the Coalition forces leave. Our leadership (US and Iraqi) must work together to determine what is the right speed to withdraw the US forces. The focus must be on maintaining a secure environment which allows a legitimate political process to function that involves the people of Iraq and provides a Government of Iraq that serves all of the people – not a dictator or small group or people.

The current Iraqi government includes Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish Iraqis. It is not perfect, but it is better than Saddam’s government. It will continue to improve as long as the people of Iraq can freely and actively participate in their governmental process.

Yes, it is true that American foreign policy is ultimately focused on what is good for America. Every nation’s foreign policy is similarly based on what is best for that nation. This is no different than looking out for the needs of your family first, then followed by the needs of your immediate community, then the needs of ever expanding groups to which you belong until you include the entire world.

A stable Iraq in ultimately in everyone’s best interest.

Aaron B

wow, really? youre all so blind? iran wants iraq, saudi wants iraq, kurds want and have part of iraq. iraq = oil. oil= money. money= weapons and tech. weapons and tech= dead enemies. make no mistake had we ousted saddam and just left the world would be in a veyr dark place right now. but we stayed in and kept iran back. theres more ot this whole mess thanoil and money. anyone with half a brain notices the oil and money are there, anyone with a full brain notices there is alot more to the whole thing. personally im disturbed by the lack of intelligence atm.

furthermore, WMDs are categorized as any weapon capable of mass devastation and harm. saddam had chemical wepaons out the ass. when you hear WMD dont think of just nukes, youre onyl limiting yourself.

penny huff

I am appalled at the constant BIAS of the news media. There is nothing FAIR or BALANCED in this news report. Every comment quoted from the Iraqi people in this article is obviously stated in a manner to promote the agenda of the liberalists media to massacre any sense of pride in the sacrifice of America and the blood of our citizen soldiers to free the Iraqis of a monstrous dictator and protect the freedoms and safety of the American people. Blood was shed on American soil on 9/11/2001...don't ever forget the lives that were taken from us by terrorist malitia with a certain hatred for this country and all it stands for. This war on terror is a JUST war and our men and women who wear the uniform have served a NOBLE cause. Everyone wants to criticize and promote Bush hatred, but the fact is that we have had 8 years of PEACE with no conflict on American soil because our military have made the sacrifice to GO when duty called and stand watch for YOU, to protect your freedom...even your freedom to promote your sick agenda...the media's propaganda to make this Operation Iraqi Freedom mission out to be a SELF-serving effort on the part of Americans. My husband has served his tour and the newspapers and news from over there are completely different than what American newspapers are reporting. It is so obvious that the motive of the media is to promote your own agenda. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU for not reporting the TRUTH and shame on all those who read and just blindly accept whatever is said because it was in the newspaper or on TV!

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