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October 29, 2008




The problem with the third-party security forces is genuine, but the Mahmudiyah killers got 90-110 years (not enough in my opinion, but perhaps needed to secure a conviction of the ringleader). I'm betting the ringleader will get a needle which at least will satisfy this red-stater greatly.

As for the detainees, are you certain the Iraqis want them back? I'm guessing a significant percentage of them would be dead now if they had been handed over the Iraqi security forces earlier (not that I would mind for the bomb-planters and AQI members).

**"Since the United States made itself synonymous with abuse of detainees in Iraq during the Abu Ghraib scandal"**

This, of course, is rancid B.S. and anyone who still believes it, cares nothing for facts. THe 19 soldiers who participated in dreadful activities were exposed by the US Army and prosecuted by the US Army for 3 months before the the pictures in the case were made public by the loser uncle of one of the loser soldiers...because he didn't like the treatment his little nephew was getting. As you have implied in this article, the treatment the abused prisoners was still better than they would have gotten at the hands of their countrymen --before or after Saddam.

Robert Gist

What about the Iranian detainees who will be in real trouble if they are returned to Iran? The current Iraqi government is almost certain to return them, and the U.S. doesn't want them, since their group, an anti-regime group, is considered a terrorist group by the State Department.


If anything, CMAR II's hyperbolic screed is the "rancid B.S." on this page.

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