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May 12, 2008


Ron Paul

Hi Leila,
Thanks again for keeping us informed about the conditions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other 130 sovereign nations that have illegitimate occupying forces in them. We find it inconceivable and inexcusable that so many are willing to support and participate in these occupations. Even more alarming is the fact that, if the situation were reversed, those same supporters would be horrified.Why do these human beings support what amounts to murder squads sent around the globe to establish and maintain the military-industrial complex?

When will we learn?

Will the criminal elite in the U.S. government demand that foreign mercenaries under the command of the U.N. occupy America as she falls, once again, into civil war?

Will the criminal elite be held responsible for the insidious theft of a fiat currency that stands on the brink of extinction?

Will the American people wake up to the bondage they have willingly placed themselves in by being subservient to corporate fictions made all-powerful by the state under color of law?

Will they finally become students and advocates of the Non-Aggression Principle as Individual Sovereign Human Beings with Basic Inherent Inalienable Irrevocable Individual Human Rights?

Will they recognize, understand, and extend the right to be left alone to each and every other human being on the planet?Will they come to the correct conclusion that what they sew, so shall they reap?

Will they understand the aggression/force/fraud of the mainstream media, in concert with the Council on Foreign Relations, to attempt to deny these truths from being shared by 2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul?

Will they avert disaster by becoming students and advocates of the Non-Aggression Principle like Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther, and others?

Will they read "The Revolution, A Manifesto" by Ten Term Congressman, Texas OBGYN Doctor, and 2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul?

valley girl

OMG Ron Paul---Shut Up!

Bohdan Szejner,  Rome, Italy

There are two sheiks that have caugth my attention in Iraq recently: al-Sadr and al-Lami. Both are Shiites, but what a difference! Al-Sadr has been promoting strife and hate for five years. Sheik al-Lami has made a heroic attempt to reconcile the Shiites and the Sunnis in Baghdad. Two sheiks, and yet the difference between them is staggering. Al-Lami, even though a Moslem, heeds the advise of Jesus that "blessed are the peacemakers." He risks his life repeatedly walking into a Sunni shrine. Al-Sadr erroneously interprets the Quran as an endorsement of hate! He hides in Iran! I applaude sheik al-Lami for his courage and I hope that his candidacy is advanced for presidency in Iraq's oncoming elections!

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