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May 03, 2008



""It is like the time of Saddam," he said. "People are afraid to talk.""

Spending billions upon billions on our government credit card, killing untold Iraq citizens and over 4,000 of our own we have brought Iraq full circle.


When people with guns have a tiff, the curious and innocent will bear the brunt of that disagreement. The parties to the fight may be hurt but those bystanders who happen to be in the line of fire will die or be maimed and all involved will piously claim that they had no intention to spray bullets or mis-aim a mortar round. All are sorry about the collateral damage and promise to be more careful in the future as they spray a few mor bullets in a random direction.

Ron Paul

Hi Leila,
Please let everyone know my new book is out! It's already a best seller on Amazon! "The Revolution, A manifesto" by Ron Paul will wake up everyone who isn't brain dead.

I'm calling for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the other sovereign nations we have troops occupying. The American people are ready for real change and world peace through "entangling alliances with none and trade with all".

Again, thank you for your hard work and tireless efforts! Tell the troops we're trying to bring them home as soon as possible!

Ron Paul


You were desperately missed Ms F but your presentationon Moyers was terrific!
Re this post: The "winning the Hearts and Minds" is a failure. The desire for survival is the driving force. Everything evolves as a result of this basic drive. Your observation reflects the situation in Baghdad. Yet, Newark and Camden NJ, Mogadishu, Haiti- need I go on? All display examples of "mans ability to disregard for his fellow man!
How d you see it ending?


Very clear story. Thank you

Bohdan Szejner,  Rome, Italy

What ruffles me is the unwillingness of the Iraqi government to take control of the Sadr City's social services. Iraq has surpluss budget far superior to al-Sadr's, yet this medieval cleric is providing far more services than al-Maliki! This is similar to what Hamas is doing in Gaza: taking advantage of what Israel and the world ought to be doing! People of Sadr City must demand more services from the Iraqi government! Al-Maliki is missing a golden opportunity to gain the hearts of the people by sending dozens of trucks with all kinds of goods for the people of Sadr City!

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