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March 31, 2008



Thanks for this. You always find the human context.

Sarah Martin

I must say that your photo makes you seem like the most unlikely war correspondent I have ever seen--especially the lovely smile and the merriment in your eyes.

Just kidding! Nice to see your blog... great things here.

Sarah (from our summer in Beirut!)

Bohdan Szejner,  Rome, Italy

It is a well-writen story that moves to compassion. It is time that peace return to Iraq with full force. I wish I could help the Iraqis somehow, but how can I, except by writing. The Shiites should not fight each other. Al-Sadr tels them "to defend themselves with arms." Al-Sadr has no compassion for the mothers losing their children! Iraq needs new leaders that do not see Quran as a chance to kill and maim! Iraq needs a new Islam of Allah the Compassionate!

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