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March 03, 2008


Momma Brucks

I personaly am ashamed of you people! Why cant you just stop fighting!Thats why everything was blocked off. Because, people can't stop fighting! Quit being so hateful,Americans want to help. I want to help as an American. Your hate is what is keeping Americans who want to help out of your country. Did you know if those people could just refrain from being such idiots that people could help repair electricity problems and bring food and clothing into the people. There are people here in America who feel for Iraqis dearly and who want to help. All you can do is gripe and be bitter.SHAME ON YOU. I would love to help to bad I might get my head chopped off if I try!

Iraqi Mojo

Hi Leila, nice blog you have! Thanks for linking to my blog. I have also added you to my list of good peeps:)

Stay safe.


Interesting that the President of Iraq received the same kind of VIP treatment reserved for American dignitaries. Baghdad, the city of the American "surge" was closed down while an Iranian president visited, no doubt, roads were blocked with the help of US forces. So, what's all this posturing about America and Iran possibly going to war about?

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