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February 29, 2008




Very good point. No time like the present, I say. I hope Ahmadinejad's visit stirs a few Arab leaders to stop by, at least to make it known to the Iranians that they haven't forgotten their Arab brothers. And no, I am not going to put sneer quotes around "Arab brothers."

Heh heh.



We all know the answer. The non-Iraqi sunni arab brothers hate the leaders Iraqis elected in 2005. This is their way of demonstrating their spite.

They despise Iraqis (especially Shia, Kurd, and Sunni Arab collaborators who have the gall to try to work with their Shia and Kurdish brothers) and want Iraq to fail.


"The country, still largely controlled and secured by the United States." This is inaccurate. The GoI and ISF manage security mostly on their own in 16 out of 18 Iraqi provinces.

Your description is partly true in only Baghdad and Diyala provinces.

And even there, all ISF are controlled by the BOC’s (Baghdad Operations Center) commanding Lt Gen Qanbar in Baghdad (about 90,000 total ISF versus about 25,000 MNF-I), and DOC (Diyala Operations Center) in Diyala (about 25,000 ISF versus about 10,000 MNF-I.)

In Iraq as a whole, the MoD has more than 208,000 trained and equipped in the fight, and the MoI has more than 400,000 secuity personnel. The MNF-I plan to draw down to less than 100,000 in late 2009, and to about 50,000 by the end of 2010.


"In Iraq as a whole, the MoD has more than 208,000 trained and equipped in the fight, and the MoI has more than 400,000 secuity personnel. The MNF-I plan to draw down to less than 100,000 in late 2009, and to about 50,000 by the end of 2010."

If that is true, one why won't Bush commit to bringing some of the unused American troops home? Two, 2010? Let us hope and pray, as American dead is now about to reach 4,000 and untold Iraq civilians have died, they can take control before then.

Ed Cook

Annalists are already predicting a huge sweep of leftists coming into both houses of congress along with the white house this fall. These leftists openly consider christians the enemies of the state even above the terrorists. These people are itching to pass the fairness doctrine to put an end conservative talk radio. They
are already targeting hate legislation aimed directly against all christian patriots. They plan a massive overhaul
of the judicial system to impose legislation against 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

McCain will make the Iraq war the central issue of this campaign because Obama promises to withdraw our troops regardless if the terrorists declare victory. Christians may have one last chance to grandstand against another Vietnam and the establishment of an anti christian socialistic state in America. But there is now a new hope!

A new biblical discovery has just hit the market bringing a miraculous prophecy about Iraq. There are a large number of related biblical scriptures which have passed silently under the radar until now.

Iraq is to be freed by a great eagle wings in the latter days! This is welcome news coming straight from the Bible just before the election.

If the war in Iraq represents Gods will as predicted in Bible prophecy, this may be our chance to unify christians patriots before this critical election takes place. Obama claims to be a good christian. Could he now be exposed publically for apposing America or "the great eagle" freeing Iraq in Bible prophecy?
A Salem christian group published an important press release concerning this true Biblical discovery! This stunning declaration comes from one of the most reputable christian publishers in America... www.eternaltruth.net

One critic asked the author how he could possibly announce he had discovered 9/11 and Iraq in Bible prophecy?
"Aren't you exploiting thousands of American deaths in both this current war and 9/11 just sell a book?"

Author.." "That is my greatest consolation! As we speak many people including veterans are purchasing this book witnessing the very references which prove this books biblical promises. People are now witnessing biblical prophecies unfold before their eyes concerning 9/11 and Iraq freed by a modern eagle. Amazon.com just announced on their web sight that they have sold out this book and must order more!"
"There are no unsatisfied customers who complain of not receiving any thing less than was promised from the author." "There are steady reports of people finding far more than what they ever expected possible. It would be unforgivable for any author to promise people something to exploit a national tragedy for book sales." Many lives are lost and many families with children grieve having lost their parents. This author is not letting those people down who purchase this book in good faith. We are delivering a true message taken from biblical prophets directed for our time. "I have four children of my own, if my book were to become exposed as a manipulation of biblical text such would forever mark my children's name as well as my own."
I have been so blessed to have discovered a message placed into the Bible
which can unite millions of believers together before this election.
I need your help because the media ignores everything about this discovery.

Author of this book,
Paul Gregersen

Listen likewise to an educated critics expert opinion regarding this miraclulous book.

"Reading this particular book has made me aware of how christians have come to accept biblical spin and less than honest interpretations when reading books on Bible prophecy." When I started reading "Bible prophecies of 9 - 11" the whole idea of 9 - 11 and Iraq being in Bible prophecy admittedly was quite appealing to me.

But it seemed very far fetched and I fully expected to discover another fiction story cleverly masked behind a another "new" biblical declaration. I fully expected to see the familiar hand picking of quotes deliberately coming from the authors’ selection of unrelated texts to manipulate the meaning of Bible text. I've learned that it is a common trick to cleverly combine unrelated verses from separated biblical context in order to stretch readers’ perception beyond the original focus toward the authors’ conclusions, creating the appearance that authors conclusions are also supported by the Bible.

My first surprise while reading this book was to see this author approach things quite differently by laying a biblical foundation from Adam and Eve with the tree of life story, establishing common threads for his entire biblical claim. As the first chapters began to build solidly on biblical themes I quickly realized this particular author was either seriously attempting to link legitimate patterns of bible prophecy, or he was using an even more clever deception to mislead me. This author surprisingly understood the procedure to outline proper types and shadows and stay within one context while linking proper biblical themes. Since the author was not spinning I suspected that he would postpone taking of his liberties until he would be forced into a corner having to demonstrate 9 - 11 towers falling and eagle's wings into modern Iraq.

To my surprise the transition was smooth and never broke context or prophetic flow. Not only was 9 - 11 coming straight from the Bible but almost every highly specific detail, including the number of planes that hit each target, was referenced in the Bible with numerous exact details specifically related to 9 - 11. This book does not just stop there, but continued to unwind the scenario of America going to Iraq spelling out the exact manner of Saddam’s capture and execution. This was a highly unusual book! This book was based on what was written in the Bible and relied solely upon that premise. How do I react to this other than try to convince someone to read it and find out? I feel concerned that christians are so used to being tricked by each cry of wolf that when the real thing appears there will be a little comprehension that something amazing has occurred. I have wracked my mind as to how this could have possibly been fixed and there is no possible way other than Gods prophets deliberately sent us this intentional message about Iraq and 9 - 11. Ross David www.eternaltruth.net



Correction on Diyala province.

Diyala has 18,000 Provincial IP, 11,000 sons of Iraq, and about 12,000 (4 brigades) Iraqi Army. Compared with 3 brigades (9,000) MNC-I.

The current plan (that Petraeus presented on 9.11.07) is to draw down to 5 brigades by mid 2010 from 20 at the peak of the surge.

It looks like 50,000 total MNF-I by the end of 2010 (none technically combat),and 30,000 by the end of 2011.

Randy, the withdrawal of MNF-I from 16 Iraqi provinces is mostly complete. 16 out of 18 Iraqi provinces will be PIC within 8 months.

Randy, have you though about offering your suggestions to the MoD, MoI, and PM Maliki about speeding up transition. They don't agree with you.


Also add several thousand DBE (Dep Border Enforcement) in Diyala province.

Iraq needs a ratio of one well trained and equipped soldier/policeman per 50 residents. The ISF are two years away from that.

About 3 years for enablers (ISC--Iraqi Support Command, ITDC-Iraqi Training Doctrine Command, ISOF, intelligence, engineers) minus air.

Air is about a decade away, unless the IZAF (Iraqi Air Force) budget is greatly expanded.

R J Adams

Does all this talk of numbers really matter? The Americans aren't going anywhere. They want Iraqi oil and they'll stay to ensure they get it, and keep getting it. They also want bases in Iraq to hold Iran and Syria at bay and keep King Abdullah happy.
That's why no other Arab leaders are visiting Iraq. They're Sunnis, and Iraq is now controlled by Shia, despite what certain Iraqi Sunni leaders would like to think is the case.


Does all this talk of numbers really matter?

Yes. Information is in the details. As soon as the MoD and MoI are able to provide security within Iraq on their own (without a massive spike in violence), American taxpayers will refuse to keep spending so much treasure and blood in Iraq.

RJ Adams, what do you mean by oil? I don't understand this argument. I suspect you mean one of three things:

1) The real price of oil is a lot higher than the $106 spot. The price is artificially suppressed by the big oil consumers such as China, America, India, Japan, Europe. As a result, whenever South Korea, Africa, or America or any other country buys oil from Iraq paying $100 a barrel, they are de facto stealing by paying less than the “fair” price of oil
2) You think there is some political economy going on in the oil extraction/processing business, or that large global energy MNCs are manipulating the GoI to get higher compensation for their services than they could obtain in a transparent competitive bidding process. Put differently, global energy firms are getting a higher risk adjusted rate of return than the global marginal product of capital (or the average rate of return they get elsewhere in the world.) Many believe that elected officials in most countries around the world (including America and Iraq) are bought and influenced by global energy companies. So far the GoI and Iraqi parliament have yet to award massive hydrocarbon development contracts. My bet is that a plurality of these contracts will be won by Chinese headquartered energy multinational corporations. Is this what you think RJ Adams? I hope that the GoI decides to expand its oil production soon. Low oil production has been one reason the GoI has been so financially constrained for the past many years. The GoI could spend more on capital projects, education, health care, MoI, MoD, and their many other priorities if they had more revenue.
3) The real issue is how the GoI and its elected parliament spends the oil money it receives from oil exports. Some believe that Iraqi voters are likely to elect leaders that America prefers well into the future. The real reason for the invasion is that Iraqi elected officials are likely to be greatly preferable to America’s interests than Saddam was. Therefore the real purpose of the MNF-I inside Iraq is to support the GoI indefinitely, and to ensure that Iraq’s elected leaders are not usurped. However, if this is the reason . . . there will be no need to spend large amounts of American taxpayer money to support the GoI once the MoI and MoD become fully self reliant.

BTW, from the latest blogger call with the top advisor to Iraq’s Minister of Defence, it looks like the GoI is targeting 650,000 trained and equipped ISF at end state (two years from now.)

For a description of the MoD and MoI enablers under development see:

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