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February 28, 2008




I'm an ESL teacher, so lexical choices are important to me. Did Maliki actually use the word "victory"? Or is that your paraphrase?


R J Adams

Maliki is learning the art of being a politician. Lesson No 1: tell the people what they want to hear, especially when it is only half-truth, or no truth at all.


Unless I am wrong, "reconcilliation" was voted DOWN! At least that is the reports in the US Press today.
So, someone is not telling the truth.Hmmmmmm!



Iraqi-American blogger Mojo writes today about the fact that under Saddam's tyranny none of the Shiite pilgrimages we've been seeing since April, 2003, were possible. Certainly from a Shiite point of view that counts as success -- and no sneer quotes needed around that word, right? And no chuckles from the journalists watching them on their pilgrimages, right?


Bruno Mota

"Things are a bit better, but is this victory?"

Not really. The US and Iraq have avoided strategic defeat, but so far that is about it. There have been many tactical victories, but the strategic situation is tangoing all over the place.

The sunnis incidently have been defeated, insofar as shiia-dominated rule is no longer in doubt. They have, over the past year, realized that, largely flipped; but if they become convinced the government will shut them out completely, things will become dicey again.

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